Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6, Hank!

And here is Hank!  You gotta love a cat whose name matches his face so closely...  and whose personality is as solid as his name!
Here's what Loralee says about her dependent...

Hank is a three year old male who is in the husky clothes zone but thinks he’s still a kitten. Of course, he rules the house and christens every surface with soft orange fluff. He devotes much of his precious non-sleeping time to clicking at birds through the window, as he is an indoor cat. He likes to send emails and file papers in his personal assistant’s office, all done enigmatically and with single-minded purpose. Despite his best efforts to cause a major down-the-stairs neck-breaking fall for said assistant by being as uncannily underfoot as possible whenever we move from one floor to the next, Hank has not yet succeeded. Maybe this will be the year.
 Hank is a therapy cat for empty-nest syndrome as the tax deductions of the household left for the big world and is proving far more cuddly and clean than the adult children he replaced. He is nonplussed by the attention of being depicted on canvas, because, along with all other cats, assumes it is his due.

8x8 acrylic on panel, SOLD!

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Cathy99 said...

I am Hank's Aunt, Cathy Hanka Winton, Loralee's first cousin, born 3 months's apart. I think you did a fantastic job of portraiting Hank, and I am an plein aire oil painter, I have not yet make Hank in person, can't wait. Well done.