Friday, March 27, 2015

March 27, Tigger!

Any cat with the name Tigger has got to be a character!  I loved this photo with those HUGE green eyes!  Tigger is in a box in the pic, and I imagine she's just popped up to surprise her owner!
I've included a photo of my painting area in our Brooklyn rented apartment-  it's always a bit tricky figuring out the light and space in a new place~
Now, Tigger is an adopted sister to Simon, painted on March 8th (the adorable cross-eyed Siamese!) and her sister, Belle, will also be painted soon!

Tigger is Belle’s sister, but very different.  She is my cuddly cat.  At 16 pounds, she wants to be my lap cat all the time.  She loves to cuddle and sleeps next to me every night.  She runs up and down the stairs chasing me and loves to be in the same room.  She gets along with my dog Oscar great and the two of them often lay together.  When I am working at home (like today) she puts her arms up on my legs and expects to be picked up like a toddler under the arms.  She wants to be anywhere I am and purrs even at the thought of someone petting her.  She really is the sweetest cat and is laying in my arms as we speak.  We call her Queen La Tigga as she used to be 20 pounds and a large lady.  J

LOVE those eyes!
8x8 acrylic on hardboard~  SOLD

The window is behind me for some good  morning light! Now we are off to see the Brooklyn Bridge, and I'll be painting at the Meow Cafe on Sunday at 3:30!  Come see me if you are in town!

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