Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, Dennis!

And today's kitty is another tabby!  It seems that each 30 Cats project has its own flavor of cat, and I think I had a lot of Siamese and long hairs last year, and this year is a lot of tabbies, with that great grey-stripey fur!

Dennis (The Menace) is a gray tabby - Dennis quickly earned his name through his many kitty shenanigans and mishaps which, lucky for him, makes him that more loveable! Like his brother, Milo (who is being painted tomorrow!) he also was born with FeLV, however that has not stopped him from being a VERY playful, mischievous, curious and goofy little kitty. Dennis has also been trained to SIT, go to his special "spot" and COME, and laughs in the face of anyone who says, "He is a cat. You can't train a cat." 

Understandably, FeLV positive cats are difficult to get adopted, but need loving homes as much and even more so then healthy cats. Testing positive for FeLV does not have to be an automatic death sentence if people open their hearts and homes to these special cats. All kitties deserve the chance to be loved and taken care of for however long they are here on earth.

8x8 acrylic on wood, SOLD

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Susan Gilmer said...

This painting totally captures the spirit and character of Dennis. I love it.