Sunday, June 6, 2021

Wolf Winter Light

I've been wanting to paint this wolf since we took the photo last March I think it was? Maybe February, before lock-down started, and we went on a family jaunt to the MN Zoo, and went along the Minnesota Trail which is where I get most of my wildlife photos, and Duane takes the best ones. It's the light in this one, and that one foot, just slightly uplifted... It was such a joy to paint.

And I wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out into the heat yesterday to see us at Dock6 Pottery!  It was actually really fun to see people and to get set up together as a family, and we did well at the sale, despite the excruciating heat. One the down side, I am at Abbott Hospital for observation after experiencing some scary and strange symptoms yesterday after we took down the event and Duane and I figured it was Heat Exhaustion so he took me to the ER and they've been very kind and pumping me full of sodium and phosphates and I've been bored silly so Duane brought me my laptop and my paints and I've been working from my room here. Kinda a mini-vacation, I suppose...  Do just make sure you are taking care of yourself in the hot hot days. I've been amazed at how serious they say this could have been...  and I was drinking water all day yesterday!  I just didn't eat enough...  And I'm fine now!  I'll be home tomorrow!

20x20 acrylic on canvas

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