Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Nov 4, Sears Midtown Building

 I actually know a number of people who live in the Sears building, and I know I was actually in the store way back when it was actually a Sears. And I love the market in there, and have tons of great memories of events there- we had a fabulous art car parade one year when Harrod Blank was in town with the Camera Van, and we had a sew-a-thon fundraising thing one year where each team was given a bunch of recycling and some old clothes and had a few hours to create an ensemble... I think I still have part of it in my closet! And we had several Barebones Parties up there too- such a great building!  Mina sent me the photo and said that Harry Waters Jr lives in the apartment with the giant red A... can you see it?

I love Minneapolis! Oh and if you missed Barebones Halloween Extravaganza this year (because it didn't happen) you can visit any of the sites listed on the page here through this Saturday, Nov 7~

6x9 acrylic on wood
another AUCTION!
Starting bid is $45~

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