Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Nov 3, Cheri's Cabin

 Wendy sent this photo in for me to paint for her friend- I am in love with this cabin!  Isn't it the cutest? If any of you have a cabin you'd like to sell me, let me know!  I'm looking! Here's Wendy's story~

"So my fellow quilting BFF Cheri has owned her cabin for over 30 years. Originally it was to be a part ownership between her and her sisters, but the sisters backed out, and Cheri decided to go for it on her own and has never looked back. It’s such a cute, tiny cabin, with 3 tiny bedrooms, one of which she turned into her up north quilt studio (note the “barn quilt” at the peak). And it’s bare-bones up there. No internet, no TV. It’s such a big part of the allure, to be away from all the media madness. And I have been lucky enough to spend several weekends in this little gem over the years. Thank you Cheri💜"

6x9 acrylic on wood

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