Sunday, August 30, 2020

August 30, Water To The Sky

We had such a great weekend! Socially distant dinner with friends, a lovely Sidewalk- Art Sale yesterday, and fire last night with neighbors, and lunch with mom today! 

Our Art Sale was SO much fun, and Duane sold so many of his crazy wood sculptures, it was wonderful!  We are so grateful for all the friends and neighbors who came by to take our art work back to their houses and out of ours! And it was just so beautiful to have so many conversations with people too. I miss the weekend long art fairs where I would get into great conversations and make new friends and feel my brain expand with new thoughts. This was close! 

And the weather couldn't have been more beautiful! What a day! Of course, I forgot to take any photos, but don't worry!  We'll have another one the end of September, if we can!

I finished this diptych yesterday morning before our sale and am really excited about it~ I'm having so much fun with the water-  this is another view of the rocks off Artist's Point in Grand Marais.

8x24 times 2- acrylic on canvas
$385 each, or $700 for both

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