Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 3, for "Art4Shelter"!

I know these are supposed to be anonymous until you purchase the piece, but I thought I'd post this one that I painted last night!  If you haven't made it to an Art4Shelter Fundraising Art Event  yet, then make it THIS YEAR!  It is an incredible night of art and people and great catering as well, and all the 5x7 pieces are just $30 and they are fantastic pieces donated by artists all over the place!  As a matter of fact, YOU can submit art work as well, and then come to the Fundraiser to see who snags it!  I'm having a First Friday Painting Party at my studio (studio #210, the Ivy Building!) this Friday, April 8th from 6:30-9, and I'll have the 5x7 paper for you as well as the Art Submission forms-  all you have to do is show up and make ART!  Come on over!  This event raises TONS of money for Simpson Housing Services, which is a generous, well-run organization that supports homeless people including families, and helps them find permanent housing.

SO that's my little schpiel~  and here is an otter~  and some photos from yesterday's opening!  At which I gave an impromptu tour and talk, and sold a piece!  YAY!  And I just heard from my gallery in Zumbrota that I sold one there as well!  YAY!

Art4Shelter "The Intercessor-Small"

Me in front of "TickleChase" on Saturday~

Walking the group over to talk about "Otter Face: Heading Down"

Talking about the sweet pawpads on "Underwater Explorations"~

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