Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27, Wedding Terrier!

I think this has already been given to the recipients, and so I am hopefully safe in posting it today-  I loved the color on this sweet dog's sleek white coat!  And that grin!  It was one of those commissions where my lovely patron sent me several photos, and then sent this one explaining that it is the couple's favorite of their pet.  When I see the photo that I know will work, I can feel it-  if I'm scanning through a number of photos, there will always be at least one that I pause at and have one of those "wow!  That's PERFECT" reactions, and I know I can paint it!

Yup.  I like looking at this one.  Sometimes they work just right!
And do check out my newest book!  SO proud of it, I am!

The Wedding Terrier, 8x10 $220 SOLD

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