Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2, Otterly Affections!

I hate it when I miss a couple days!  Shoot!  And it isn't like I don't have any paintings to show you-  not at all!  It's just that busy part of spring~  and the "30 Cats & Friends" Opening went great last night!  I'll post some photos later today-  I was too busy talking and drinking wine-  I think Duane and mom took some pics-
I wanted to post THIS painting today!  because today is the "Otter Reflections" reception at the Southeast Hennepin Library, 1222 4th St over in Dinkytown, from 2:30-4 today and I'll be there with snacks and otter cards and a couple smaller paintings too!  Come over and hang out for a bit!

This is that lovely pair of otters at the Minnesota Zoo, goofing around with each other- I love the negative spaces of the water around them, and the crazy light in the water...

8x10 acrylic on panel, $160 click HERE to enjoy this piece on your wall!

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