Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22, The Shadow Bridge, Duluth

It isn't really a bridge in the image, though it looks so much like one I liked the thought.  In this image that shadowy area is the father hills, and the actual bridge is off-screen, but the road to the waterfront where the big boat sits is on pylons above the water and does look like a bridge.  I suppose it IS really a bridge, isn't it?

I do love how the reflections in the water make the blue of the sky so brilliant!  And the combination of warm and cool colors just vibrates!  It is so YUMMY!  Maybe I need to paint a big one of these, just for sh*ts and grins, as we used to say...

Oh and seriously folks, if you like these you should bid on them because when I sell them, I sell them for $75 and when you bid you often get them for way less!

6x6 acrylic on panel, $25 auction!  Ha!  CLICK HERE to join the FUN!

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