Saturday, March 18, 2017

March 18, Oskar!

Ah!  This is MUCH better!  This is the glorious Oskar!
I made his eyes rounder and played with the chin a smidgen...  and he looks much sweeter, as I am sure he is in real life~

And HERE is his story!

We have had Oskar, our 3 year-old Siberian, since he was 8 weeks old. He has always had a little sparkle in his eye and is very outgoing. He greets people at the door and prefers his own chair at the table during meals. He manages to get even the most ardent non-cat people to say what a great cat he is. He is FULL of personality. So full, in fact, that we had to create his own Instagram account (@Oskar_and_company) to let everyone appreciate him.

I like it a lot better!
Thanks for the helpful feedback, people!!!

12x12 acrylic on wood, sold!

and here's the first (actually second) version~

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BDebertin said...

Kat, thank you so much for this beautiful painting of Oskar. It definitely captures his playful and friendly personality. We love it!