Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17, Kitty Formerly Known As Morrison

This is Kitty, who lives with a very patient friend of mine who took her in when I had too many cats to handle.Cami has this to say about her~
  I'm Kitty's fourth owner and so I'm the fourth person have named her. I've been told she was Morrison, Morrie and for a while Misha... when she came to live with me she had suffered some sort of head trauma so when I met her she was... not very smart, not very active, not very cat-like. More like a sloth. I decided to keep things simple for her, hence, the generic name. Most vets have said she is mostly blind - one said completely blind. Only Kitty knows for sure. She never plays with toys, she hates to be picked up, carried or snuggled and she stays on the floor unless I risk my life and put her on the couch or bed. And even then sometimes, she hops right back to the floor and lounges there. She bites me when I brush her and it takes 2-3 strangers at the vet to trim her nails. But - she always finds the litter box. And best of all, she's always within 10 feet of me when I'm home, she'll always accept a few minutes of pets each day and she purrs ALL THE TIME... as long as I feed her and mostly leave her the hell alone.  I adore this cat called Kitty!

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