Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15, Office Goat #1!

I know it's the Ides of March~  let's hope this bodes ill for the proper people...
Ooo I don't really ever want to speak badly of anyone, but today does seem to call for a cute little baby goat, since the kitty for today hasn't shown up yet!  My friend Brian (and Jasper too!) came to my painting party last Friday and reported that they'd had baby goats come to their office that day, and had lots of photo proof of which this is some!
And once again, I could NOT resist painting this little booger!
Isn't that just the SWEETEST face?!
And I've noticed the eyes aren't the same as a usual goats, so this is some special kind of not-evil-eyed goat!  I'll see if anyone knows what they are called~

6x6 acrylic on wood, $100 click HERE to own this adorableness!

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