Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Nov 8, A Sweet Dog for Election Day

This is Brooklyn, a commission finished up for a present this weekend, and I hope it was received well!  It was such a great one to do, and got me to thinking about all-American things like labradors and retrievers and the flag and pick-up trucks and all that, and how easy it is to just lump things together and stamp a label on them, like "Patriotic" or "Redneck" or "Liberal"... though when you happen to own a pick-up or a labrador or a flag, you don't necessarily look at it as a sign of belonging to a specific mindset.  It's just a part of your life.
Not sure where I'm going here- just kinda thinking and trying not to think at the same time, though I will say that I will be at Brigid Clark's house for our Fine Art Holiday Sale this weekend, 10 to 5, one day only! (5012 12th Ave S, SW corner of 12th Ave and Minnehah Parkway!) And I will have fresh new paintings and I just got my newest "30 in 30" Days Projects books and I'll have some of the Dogs from July and the Cats & Pals from March!

12x12 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, sold!

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