Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nov 27, Sweet Puddin'

Just because there can never be too much sweetness in this world, here is another really cute, squishy faced pup.  Not sure I got the proportions as true as I'd wanted them, but this works for me!  I also think I may suggest that it hand diagonally, and I can't figure out quite how to get it to look that way in the photo, know what I mean?
We went and got our Christmas tree last night, at the "Y's Men's Tree Sale" on 42nd and Hiawatha-  I love that pun in the name.  Say it out loud to yourself and you'll get it!  We got a table-top one, a long-needled white pine.  We usually get the shorter ones but they are so prickly, we thought we'd go for a furrier one this year.  It's so sweet, going through the ornaments every year, and remembering where each came from, who gave it to us, what events that year brought us.  I even put masking tape on some of Max's handmade ones- he's got a barnacle-looking white snowflake that he made at Breck in preschool with his 5th grade Bio-Buddies~
I LOVE that stuff!

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