Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nov 16, Golden Bear

This is the lovely grizzly at the Minnesota Zoo- I'm needing my photographers (my husband and son!) to get over there and get me some more bear photos.  I'm wanting to paint them a lot lately.  For me, they represent a number of complicated emotions- I collect (and make) stuffed jointed Teddy Bears, and especially love the old ones I've found who show evidence of their previous lives in rubbed fur and lost parts.  Something about the totemic sense of having a silent partner calms me when I'm feeling frantic and alone, and I spent a great part of my childhood with a quiet, fuzzy friend in my pocket. It always made me feel someone was with me, understood what my perspective on this life entailed.  I still love bears~

And there's the other side of bears, when I dream about them.  Sometimes they appear in my dreams as dark, threatening hulks with tiny red eyes, scary and silent, but these are not Teddies at all.  These are symbolic representations of that part of my world over which I have no control.
Which makes me realize (especially after reading through the TALK section of the "Teddy-Bear"Wiki page) how nice it is to have a blog where I can write what I'm thinking, and for the most part, feel that whoever is reading this would tend to agree with me.

That's so nice~
SO here is a bear~  and I like this one.  It is a friendly bear, who sometimes likes to sit in its pond and splash at the visitors.

8x8 acrylic on wood, $135 click HERE to purchase!

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