Friday, October 18, 2013

Wow, October is a tough month!

It seems this is the month when everything tries to catch up on itself and falls all over miserably...  ack!  I am still looking through lots of otter photos to find the best to paint, still like Jiri Bohdral's the best, and I wasn't able to catch "Saving Otter 501" on PBS yet, about the 501st baby sea otter found in California to be saved and taught to live free and in the wild...
It is amazing how looking closer at something shows you how much more there is to know!
And yes, here is another frog...
And his auction is here!  Starting bid at $25!  Which is what a lot of these are selling at!  Getcherself a FROG!!!

And thanks for the comments on the landscapes from yesterday-  there are more on my easel I'm working on-  and they are mostly 16x20, about $400 each, meant for Rye so I can replace my Irish Series with a new set soon!

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