Friday, October 25, 2013

Otterly Lovely Profile...

Doesn't this one look like some deep thinking is going on?  Lovely eyes, too-  Dang, it really is good for me to do these projects, painting every day, because then I get to really itching to paint!  It can be so bad that I'll be crabby unless I can lay some paint down every day~  it is a great thing that the people I am closest too understand and support this habit of mine-  of course, it does pay for the food and wine and occasional crazy buys like the bathtime pirate set I had to get for Max today...  the nice thing is, when I am needing to paint I only have to remind him that he'd have no legos if mommy can't paint and he is all in for me to have my space!
I am a lucky, lucky woman!

And you can bid or BUY here!  6x6 acrylic on panel, $65 to buy now, or $25 starting bids!  Support Max's lego habit!  buy an otter!!!

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