Sunday, October 27, 2013

Otterly Relaxed...

Ah~  the backfloat~
Yup~  I'm working on my own relaxing this weekend... I had a root canal Friday morning, to settle a pain that had me in a wringer all week long... I literally couldn't think straight, and it was difficult to hold my cool with my middle school students who are actually incredibly kind people but who are also capable of large amounts of noise and pandemonium.  SO one thing lead to another and I was able to get in Friday morning, after the throbbing of my tooth at 3 in the morning made me realize this was something serious.  I have a fairly high pain threshhold I've been told, and so if I experience such pain that I am afraid I will pass out, I take it seriously.  Wow.  And once the tooth was numb, the pain was gone-
I also went to the chiropractor on Friday afternoon, something my husband has been trying to get me to do since I fell down the stairs, because he has been concerned about my alignment.  I hate the "crack" of going, but do trust in the wisdom of our chiropractor- and he has that uncanny Sherlock Holmes way of knowing where I hurt and how to move something over to make it feel better, and the bit that totally threw me for a loop was that he said I am still holding the trauma of the fall with me.  He was dead right.  I have been feeling ashamed and fearful, thinking back and trying to remember exactly what happened as if I could take it back.  That is making me tighten up, clench my teeth, kink all these bits I'm trying to loosen up.  When he said that to me, I immediately teared up, feeling the truth in my bones.  He suggested I revision the accident, with me landing on pillows at the bottom of the stairs, held by my loved ones, supported on the way down.  I am trying to do that.  It is really difficult.

Anyway, thanks for listening-
I may need to do some art about it.

At any rate, you can hook this fella for a bid here!  You can also buy him outright for $65 if you like~
6x6 acrylic on panel

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