Monday, October 21, 2013

This is still otterly fascinating to me!

Yes, I do love these critters!  Did you ever read "Tarka the Otter" or watch the movie?  First published in 1979, I fell in love with the pen and ink illustrations of Tarka, though I think the story itself was too detailed and slow for my preadolescent yen for adventure...
SO here is a pair for you today, of sea otters-- I am glad I didn't say I was only going to paint RIVER otters!
Did you know a female otter is known as a QUEEN?  and a male is a MEAOWT?  At least, I think that's how you write the male's name... I was more interested in the female~

And you can bid on this sweet pair HERE!  Or buy it now!  6x6 Acrylic on Panel~

Oh and I am starting another session of Painting Lessons this coming Saturday, Oct 26th, from 9:30-noon!  Let me know if you are interested!  There are only a couple spots left!

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