Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2!

Hi all!
I was a little busy yesterday, what with the heat and getting all the Dogs ready for hanging and labeled and then heading over to Wet Paint with Duane and setting up the whole shebang and THEN spending the next three hours with four other artists sketching our little hearts out! TONS of dogs showed up for the "Paws on Grand" Event and Wet Paint was hopping! I have no idea how many dogs I sketched! Duane helped me set up the 30 Dogs on Margi's display panels and we set out my cards and an envelope for money and I was RIGHT THERE as you can see, but I had NO TIME to talk to hardly anybody!!!! It was a HOOT! I really got into the sketching, altho now that I look at the photos mom took (thank GOD for mom! I don't know what I woulda done if she hadn't been able to come up and run my booth for me!!) all the dogs look the same to me~ ah well. Sketching under pressure... never really done that before!
So if you are able to make it tonight, we'll be at the North Loop Dog Grounds behind Bunker's Bar on N Washington Ave and N 8th Ave~ from 5 t0 7pm! With some wine!!!! And maybe lemonade~

And I've also included a link to Max Hayne's Newest Website, "Tiny Tales", that I ASOLUTELY love!!! Max is the guy who took photos at out wedding and made us that glorious book! He's got lots of great things going on always!

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