Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, monday!

We just hung my show at the Birchwood last night! I even had my camera along but I forgot to take any photos, except for of Penny, the Shepard mix~ so fun! SO this is one of Kari Maxwell's shots- she is a wild woman with a camera, let me tell you!
And man, I am SO freaking lucky! My incredible art collective, L-7, helped me hang the show so it went up incredible fast- I was just reading something from an artist mom who felt she wasn't able to do as much once she had her child, and I was sure that would be the case with me as well, but thanks to so much incredible community support in SO many ways, I have been able to be amazingly active! Just know that I couldn't be doing ANY of this without the unwavering support of ALL of our incredible friends and communities! I mean, just yesterday there were at least 7 people over at Duane's house, helping paint in this humid heat, and climbing all over the roof and up and down ladders and sawing and grinding~ oh AND watching Max so I could help~
Thank you Jemiah and Anne and Greg and Amy and Tri and Tonya & Lily!
...and this is a painting of our neighbor's house across the street! I should probably let them know...

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