Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5- Soh for Satchel!

Like many who rise to stardom, Soh!, born "Michelle" in Ham Lake, MN, began as a scrapper and rode her charisma to great heights fronting music groups such as "Soh! and the Dingos", penning birding staples such as "Sibley's guide to birds" and operating closely, but never directly with the 29 dogs. Most attention, or even non-attention was slightly annoying to her. Any attempt to hold her affectionately became a short-lived game of Soh!-deo. Known as 'double certain' to those who loved her most, Soh!, who developed type two diabetes, seemed to love treats most, those who gave them to her second most and had little patience for anything else other than birds, a rotating number of cozy spots, and laying by Dada while he napped or read.
Don't be so Certain!

I really LOVED painting Soh!  Those torties are so confusing with all the different colors on their faces-  we have our own marmalade at home here, and I haven't successfully painted her yet...

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