Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26, Finnigan in the Tall Grass!

Yes, can you believe there are two Finnigan's this month?  Wow!  Seems like that happens often!
Ben says he likes how sweet and sassy she is in this picture-  she's outside, squinty eyed, posing in the grass~
And I am working on the book as we speak!  though of course I can't finish it until I have all my cats-  four days to go!  The Opening Celebration is next friday, April 4 at Diamond's from 6 to 8!  I hope you are planning to come see all this fur in the flesh!  I mean the paint!

AND the next session of Painting Lessons is coming up as well!  Here is the link to my page with more info!  Contact me soon in you are interested!  Only 6 more spaces left!

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