Six Week Painting Workshop SPRING 2019

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Six-Week Acrylic Painting Workshop
Thursdays March 28, 2019 to May 2, 2019

The Studio is #210 at the Ivy Building in South Minneapolis, 2637 27th Ave S~

I started teaching adults in my studio (at the Shasta Building) in 2012 because I've had some incredible teachers in my life and I figured it was time to give back a bit of what they've taught me. And I've found that every class teaches ME something too.

This class changes every time I teach it, depending on who is in attendance. Started as an introduction to acrylic painting, this class has become a meeting place for people who want to explore their own creativity through structured lessons and homework and in-depth discussions with others about life and art. The only prerequisite is that you are willing to learn, and that you promise to try NOT to compare your work to anyone else's.

We start each class by looking at the previous week's homework,  with a painting demo and an in-class assignment, followed by discussion and your homework assignment. Questions are encouraged, as is courageous thinking. We paint simple still lives, looking at value and proportion. Advanced painters are welcome, as are beginners, and we all work from where we are.

Click below to save your spot now!  You can select Bring Your Own Materials and I'll send you the materials list needed, or you can choose to have me provide them for you~
Do please let me know if you have any questions!

Class sizes are limited to 10~
(you’ll get a Stay-wet Pallet, all the paint and panels you need for the session and up to 4 panels per week, plus use of my brushes and anything else I think you may need!)
Extra 6x6 Prepped Panels are available for $2 each~

Materials Options
Classes begin with demos, tips and hints followed by enforced painting time. The first two/three classes focus on value, proportion and getting set up for success, and the second two look at using photos as reference, including photos on digital media like cameras, iphones and laptops. We will study drawing skills, composition, value, using a viewfinder, preparatory sketching, mixing color and color theory. I will be pushing you to paint with expression and large brushstrokes.  Part of the value of taking this class is the amazing discussions the incredible students engage in.  We have gentle critiques at the start of each class, looking at your homework and seeing how many ways there are to see a similar object. You bring your adult experience to this class, and you will learn.

You WILL have HOMEWORK, and you will have in-class assignments! The idea is to get you kickstarted into your OWN painting practice!

For more information, please call 612-720-6675 or email , or check my blog at


Anne Marie said...

I'm excited for April to get here! Until then I'm enjoying all the cats, and I'm not even a cat person.

kat corrigan said...

Wonderful! I can't wait either!