Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Nov 23, NOT a Commission! "Otter Thoughts"

 Sometimes I'm able to paint for myself! I'm not always painting for other people- though really, I do realize how incredibly fortunate I am to be the person who LOVES to paint other people's pets!  It is something I'd wanted to do badly as a teenager, and I did do it badly! ha ha- no, I probably wasn't that bad, but as a teen, you do look at the minutiae and not the big picture so I was using pen and ink and drawing every last hair on those beasties, I tell you. I even went and sketched at the New Zoo, when it opened in 1979, drawing those sweet little Asian otters in the Tropics, getting all the hair but not a lot of the anatomy correct...

This is the river otter at the MN Zoo- no longer called the New Zoo, but I still think of it that way.  I'm hoping we get a chance to get over there this week!  I need to do some more larger otters, for my show at the Convergence Gallery in January!

12x6 acrylic on panel

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