Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Nov 10, "At Lake Hiawatha"

So I'm a member of "Outdoor Painters of Minnesota" or OPM and every so often I like to put a piece in one of our shows, and so we have a show at Frameworks Gallery in Highland in St Paul right now and I just dropped this piece off last night.

I got to sit (well, stand really) at Lake Hiawatha this Sunday morning to paint this- and it is really a lot harder to paint outside somewhere than you might think.  First, OUTDOORS is BIG. Really big. So big that you might have a hard time deciding what it is that you want to paint. And once you think you've decided, your brain might work against you and decide it doesn't want to stick to THAT spot, but keeps moving your eye over until you realize you are painting something that wasn't in your original plan...

Anyway, it was fun, and I think it worked out alright, and its got a nice shiny gold frame on it so that's something!

At Lake Hiawatha
20x16 framed
my setup at the lake~ can you tell?

Me and the painting!  Do I match?

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