Sunday, October 11, 2020

10/11 Minnehaha and 16th

 I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the incredible gift that was yesterday! It's not hard to feel good on a day like that- with the sun blasting at such a dramatic low angle and the trees tossing off fireworks of leaves overhead~ dang! I spent as much of it outside as I could, and my painting crew and I enjoyed the sun angling in under the tent in the backyard during our morning class. SO great!

I had to get out and paint more, so I ran some stuff over to the Goodwill on Nicollet and came back along the parkway, scanning for a likely spot to get close to the water and have some light. There were SOOOO many people out! On bikes and walking dogs and wandering around in the sun, so great!

I found this spot on Minnehaha and 16th Ave which is the bridge I painted here-  I've included a shot of my easel.  I'm getting really fast at setting that up and taking it down again!

The reflections in the water are just amazing.

And I'm offering this one at half price~

10x20 acrylic on canvas
usually this would be $400, 
but because I'm loving painting these scenes, 
I'm dropping this one to $200!

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