Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 29, National CAT DAY!!!!

Can you believe it?!  It is NATIONAL CAT DAY!  Well, for another 2 hours anyway-  and I just finished (I think) painting this lovely kitty named Maisy!  Cuz I just HAD to paint a cat today!
I love black cats, and dogs...
And my opening at Track29 went SO GREAT on Thursday!  THANK YOU everyone who managed to make it there!  I am currently working on the Book Of Track29 Paws and Portraits, because that has to happen, and I am just finishing up my "30 Dogs in 30 Days; July 2016" book too!  That will be available on my Blurb Bookstore SOON-
AND we went to Regina's Candy's in St Paul today for their Factory Tour!  I brought Max and Lucas, two seven year old boys, to a candy store for a tour.... how do you think THAT went?  My girlfriend Cindy's family runs the business- we were super buds in High School and have recently been reconnecting which has been awesome and warm and sweet!  And she gave the tour, and the boys loved it!  Of course, the pound of candy each of them had helped too...
Get over there for candy!  They make their own candycanes  the traditional way!

9x12 acrylic on wood, sold

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