Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, The Depths...

I've been absent again!  Dang-  sorry about that!  It hasn't been because I haven't been painting, because I have!  I've been working on a few commissions, trying to catch up before the holiday rush, which should be a subtle reminder (or perhaps not so subtle) that if you are hoping to have an original painting of a specific companion animal (or house!) then now is the time to be thinking about it and get in touch with me ASAP!
That said, I do hope you can make it on Thursday to Track29 (2841 Bryant Ave S!) for the "Paws and Portraits" Opening Reception!  I am super excited about this one!!!  It is a lovely catered event (great food and drink!) in a pet friendly facility, with live music and super fun people!

And back to this coffee cup~  it was a sweet demo for my Saturday morning class, and everyone went on to paint more delightful mugs, so it must've been an okay demonstration!  I'm particularly happy with the shadow and the rim!  Funny what things stick out in my eye...
And I'll make this one an auction too~  because those are so much fun!

6x6 acrylic on wood, $25 auction, click here to start bidding!

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