Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10, Teddy!

Okay, this is NOT our Teddy, but I figured you'd enjoy him anyway!
SO one chunk of exciting news is that I am having some of my art featured on bags by Scrappy Products, a local eco-friendly textile company located in the same building as Diamond's Gallery over Northeast Minneapolis!  I don't quite have a link yet to the bags, but there will be three versions, featuring three breeds of dogs-  black labs, pugs, and I don't remember the third...
And the OTHER exciting news is that I am READY to start TEACHING PAINTING LESSONS again!  I have my new studio all set to go and am eager and excited to see what this new space has to offer!  I have some openings left in the Wed Eve classes and am also offering a Saturday Morning class as well!  Only 8 people per class!  See here for all the info and send me any questions you have!
I just love this guys' expression!  He kinda reminds me of James Garner as Rockford...  that casually suave 70's kinda thing....

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