Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7th, "White Wolf Walking Away"

Man.  Still haven't caught up with the rest of the world yet!  And did I mention I have a couple dog paintings in this really fun book, that I'd forgotten I'd submitted work for?  it's called "1000 Dog Portraits" and includes a number of other artists I've gotten to know, and Roz Stendahl also of Minneapolis has a PILE in there!   I've been at the Wet Paint "Paws on Grand"Sketchathon with Roz for the last few years- too much fun!
And I just learned that I get to have a show at the Bloomington Art Center of my dogs!!!!  Wahoo!!! Details will be forthcoming, I am sure~  SO exciting!!!
And this wolf was from the wonderful pile of photos Max and Duane took for me at the Mn Zoo last week so I would have something to paint up in Grand Marais~  I've been wanting to paint her badly!  This is a little 6x6 but I imagine there will be another larger one coming up!

And I'll be at Diamond's again this Friday to take down the cats, if you want to come watch how it's done, or heckle me about it!  6-8pm, 1618 Central Ave Ne Minneapolis!
White Wolf Walking Away is a 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang for $75!  Grab her NOW by clicking HERE!

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