Saturday, November 9, 2013

Noble Beast

So I have been talking to people a lot about these creatures and what they mean to us Northerners, and it really feels that most people look on moose as the spirit of the north woods.  You can see them in terribly kitchy fashion in cabins all over, and I still think fondly of Bullwinkle and Morris from my childhood.  There is still that incredible quiet mystery though, which may have to do with the silent giant image.  It is funny to me, that I started October desperately wanting to paint otters, and now I find myself at the other end of the mammal scale, painting these huge ungainly slow majestic creatures...  I think it is partially the negative space around the antlers that draws me, and it is also the surprising amount of color I find in their coats-
Color is the blood of it all, baby~
This is the 6x6 acrylic on panel that I painted as a demo in my incredible painting class this morning... I did touch up the background a notch, but the point of the lesson was to use ONE brushstroke per color, or do I mean one color per brushstroke?  The latter, I think-  which is a way of making you really THINK about your strokes and where you are putting them, which can be tricky on a 6x6 inch panel!

SO here is the auction/buy now link for this fine fella!  And I sold both the moose I brought along to my sale today too!
Right?  "Moose" is also plural for "moose"  the singular?

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