Monday, November 11, 2013

Bruin Looking Below

A while ago, when I was going through some stressful personal times, I kept dreaming about bears.  These were terrifying scary big old "gonna eat you up!" kinda bears, and in my dreams I would run away, horrified and weak and vulnerable and out of control of my life.   As I started  to deal with these dreams and understood that they were about my feelings of fear of lack of control over what was happening in my life, I understood that I had to control my reaction to these fears because that was the only part of my life I had any control over.  So in my dreams, when the bears appeared I would consciously face them.  I would stand up to them.  And they changed.  They dropped down to all fours in the grocery store, and instead of knocking over displays to chase me they would approach with grins and butt wiggles like a big happy cocker spaniel…

These bears are kinda like those happier bears…  Now, I am NOT done with the moose yet, by the way!  Just had to paint a few bears here and there!
This one lives at the Minnesota Zoo-  Duane took a pile of photos that I am painting from!  And this guy is currently available on my Daily  Paintworks Site, 10x10 acrylic on panel for $150.  I'd like to hang him at Rye though, so it depends on who wants him….

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