Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8, Love Bunny

Here's one of a pair of buns-  I was going to try to paint the two together but it was a bit more than I wanted to fit into a 6x6 panel~  and it is kinda amazing how tricky it is, getting this fella to look round and fluffy!  I am pleased with his twinkling eye and wrinkling nose~  and those velvet ears!  Always my favorite part of a rabbit...

And here is what Nanci has told me about this beautiful creature, whose name is Mandi~
That is my sweet big girl (12b French Lop) Mandi. She came as a 3 yr old from a confiscation of more than 230 rabbits in a hoarding situation. She was very sweet, but sadly only lived to be about 7 yrs old. I spent a year nursing her as she became paralyzed in her back legs. We spoiled her rotten and loved her to pieces for the short time she was with us.

6x6 acrylic on panel, $100 click HERE to love this bunny!

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