Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 26, Garfield!

Here's a lovely orange tabby, with another great story!  Really, that's part of what I love most about these projects is that opportunity to hear how other cats found their people.  We are such a bunch of unique individuals who have shared similar experiences!
And Garfield's story~

We found Garfield  as a stray in a Wal Mart parking lot.  He was hurt and very sick, and could hardly walk.  We gained his trust and were able to pick him up so we could get him to our vet.  With good medical help, lots of TLC, and tons of love, Garfield slowly began to heal and get better.  We decided to keep him and from day one, Garfield has shown his appreciation and love to us!  He is a very sweet and mellow boy.  He loves to be petted and is so happy in his new home. He loves to be near us and his purrs are a welcome sound!  He paws us gently in the face each morning  causing us to wake with a laugh!   True to his name, which our son chose, he loves his food!  We are so lucky to have found Garfield and we love him so! 

8x8 acrylic on panel, sold


Connie said...

A beautiful painting of Garfield. Thank you Kat !

morenb said...

Garfield!!!! A sweet one!!!! Awesome!