Friday, March 7, 2014

March 7- Marceaux for Carla and Family!

Alright- gotta admit I LOVE painting Marceaux!  There's just something about those eyes, those markings that are irresistible to me!
Marceaux also happens to be one of those world-traveling cats!

And here is his story from Carla, in Poland!
"Our little buddy loves cozy corners, large window sills, drinking from the faucet, and cuddles on the couch. Marceaux has been through so much lately. In 2008 he drove from Minnesota to New Jersey to become a Jersey cat. He was pretty happy there until 2013 when his family wanted another change. He became an international traveler and moved to Warsaw, Poland. He flew by himself on the airplane and met some friends along the way. A few months later, he became a big brother which he's still getting used to. His little brother loves him and tries to pet him, but Marceaux isn't too sure about this tiny person yet. Also, Marceaux was sick, we think poisoned from the dye on the fake Christmas tree. He almost didn't make it through but his family and the doctors in Poland fought hard to nurse him back to health for about a month until he could eat and drink again. We are so happy he is such a trooper. Our family is complete when he's around... we love our kitty!"

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