Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25, Dupa

And here is Dupa~  bit jet-lagged here today... have you ever flown Spirit Airlines?  Hmmm... not sure I want to go through that again, especially with a five year old...  but we had a great time in Florida!  wahoo!
And again I neglected to get any photos of Monica and Frank and US!!!!
Dupa has a great story!
Not sure if I want to paint the background or not... kinda like the contrast... what do you think?

I got her from the local animal shelter when she was about 10 months old. She was a short to medium
haired white beauty. I found out soon that she was a long hair that had been shaved. By that time I
was already smitten. I had a previous white cat named Blanca. She had died suddenly and for no
good reason. I wasn’t planning on getting a replacement, but someone mentioned her and that she
looked like Blanca, so I went to see her and took her home the same day. She very quickly became fat.
I’d like to put it more gently, but that’s the truth… she’s a pig. She’s a very pretty, fat, somewhat aloof cat.
She really doesn’t like the other animals here. Melissa and I have 5 cats and 2 dogs. She’s a pappa’s
girl and loves spending time on my lap. She is not graceful and has an unusually bitchy meow. I
remember old women in the small town I grew up in saying, “cover you dupa!” to toddlers running
around with no pants on. I think it’s an old world term for butt. So, as she is a butthead, I called her Dupa!

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