Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday is TOADally Awesome!!!

Alright-  I know-  but if I'm trying to come up with puns for otters, I may as well do it with toads too!
So my sis is in town from Australia and Max and I went down to the folk's house last night for a sleepover and spent today mostly running around doing family things, which was absolutely fantastic!  We went along to church this morning and Max had a great time in Sunday school, made a bunch of new friends who he insisted on visiting and running with while we waited in line for the pancake breakfast afterward-  I love how he so easily likes people, and genuinely wants to be with people-  I hope that stays!
And my sis, who is the one who is always wanting to know more about family history and all, had us all go to an Apple orchard on the way down to Farmington (where I was born) and after that we went on a drive around the area, which is Rosemount, MN, and the Dakota County area that the Uof M now owns but was once owned largely by my father's father and brothers before the 1940's and the war.  We took a ton of photos, so I am giving you fair warning that some of these paintings coming up may NOT be of animals at all!
Just letting you know...
And yes, this is another small toad, held by Max, I think still from the shots I took at Joe's birthday party!
Auction link here-  someone seems to be liking the toads!  They are getting bid on!

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