Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another TOAD! Otters TOMORROW!

Max and I went to the MN zoo today and the first thing we saw was a TOAD!!!!  Not this exact one... but a TOAD!  And I took pics of the otters in the tropics- so we WILL have otters tomorrow!  And I have had a number of lovely otter pics sent to me too!  So YAY!
 We had limited time and spent a good chunk of it in the aquarium area, mostly deserted which was great so we both got to pet the sting rays and the nurse sharks!  Totally different textures, by the way-  stingrays are squishy and soft and sharks are tough and scratchy...

And toads are LUMPY.

And you can have this toad for your very own!  Click here to join the auction!

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