Tuesday, July 21, 2020

July 21 Scout for Laurie!

And today's sweet pup is Scout~ such a cute face!  And here's his story from Laurie~

Scout is a rescue dog - a foster fail!  A mix of yorkie and jack russell,  he was found walking a country road in South Dakota with his traveling buddy Scamp.  Scamp found a home right away.  I took Scout  to foster.   We tried for months to find a good match for him.   He had many admirers and met a good number of people who thought he might be the one for them.    But there was always something.  He was too tiny.   He didn't like being handled.    He growled at a 5 year old boy who tried to grab him.   He was not playful enough with Carlton the Cairn.    After the 4th or 5th failed meet and greet, I took Scout back to the car and called Howard.  He knew why I was calling and just said "yes."   Scout and I sang all the way home.  Scout's been with us since 2010. 

8x8 acrylic on wood
Spoken For!

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