Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feb 28, another Puma and THE LIST! 30 Cats in 30 Days!

So here it is!  The Final Actual Official List for this year's 30 Cats in 30 Days Project starting TOMORROW!!!
I thought I'd best post another Wild Cat Painting too-  this is another version of Catamount...

6x6 acrylic on panel, click HERE to purchase at $75~

And please do know that I reserve the artistic right to change this list and swap it around as I see fit!  So yes, it is set in stone, but it is MY stone and I might just blast and recarve it if necessary!
Thank you so much for following!

March 1- Delilah, for Freddie Mercury
2- Ari, for Robert S
3- Jack, for Joe O
4- June, for Kat & Family
5- Ella, for Carolyn (and Tim?)
6- Hank, for Loralee
7- Jelly, for Kris M
8- Simon, for Maggie E (painted at Wet Paint, I hope)
9- John's Cat (for Tom S)
10- Jojo, for Emily J
11- Glow, for Kat L
12- Molly, for Monica C
13- Jasmine, for Darcy
14- Peter, for Tina B
15- Sophie, for Carolyn (and Heidi?)
16- Maud, for Becky L
17- Mabel, for Emily K
18- Smokey Bones, for Emily GK
19- Ally, for Jim U
20- Mouse, for Susan P
21- Gato, for Anne V
22- Amelie, for David K (painted at Wet Paint, I hope!)
23- Dennis, for Susan G
24- Milo, for Susan G
25- Raspberry, for Lily and Eliz
26- Riley, for Cynthia
27- Tigger, for Maggie E (in NY somewhere)
28- Doyle, for Becky L
29- Meow Parlor Cat, at the Meow Parlor, Manhattan!
30- Mystery Guest
31- Mystery Guest

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