Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday May 21, 2013~

Okay, I think I remember that my new year's resolution was to NOT apologize so much, because while there is merit in an apology if some hurt or insult has been inflicted, in MY case it is my Minnesotanness that is causing me to feel that I need an excuse for why I haven't been posting...  when in reality you are all sitting on the edges of your seats just waiting til you see another post from me in your inbox, right?!
So I am writing up my labels for the show at Rye and thought I'd posted a LOT more images of Ireland on here!  What made me think that?
I'm posting last week's Painting Lessons work that I haven't posted yet instead!  More Ireland TOMORROW!
Good thing Max is so cute or I wouldn't want to waste time on him!
Good thing for Duane to be cute too...

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