Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday May 17th!

I HAVE been painting but seem to somehow fall under the "It's so nice out, let's sit under the trees for a bit longer" kinda spell of this spring so I am remiss in posting! 
This is from the Connemara National Park, on one of the few sunny moments we had in Ireland~  I LOVE the movement in this.  The stones are winking in the light and the tree branches are dancing with the negative space of the sky!
I sat last night and cropped all my incredible student work from Wed night's painting class, but I don't have them with me so you'll have to wait til tomorrow!  I do have to say that I learn as much as my students in these classes, and have gratefully appreciated the intelligent and perceptive comments given to me.  Learning to do anything is a struggle, and to do it with commitment is even harder. 

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