Monday, September 12, 2011

MOnday September 12th

I'm just not going to even say anything...  I am really, really busy, and obviously painting is very important to me, and I will say that I am doing my best, which is currently pretty darn good but the focus is spread pretty thin at the moment...  and then there's these darn commissions that keep taking up time, not to mention planning lessons for my lovely new students!
So can you figure out what this is?  My husband said if it wasn't his, he wouldn't know, but my mom laughed and guessed right away!


Patrick said...

It's a timer!!!

Beth Bathe said...

kitchen timer! Go Kat...keep juggling all those balls you have in the air!

Anonymous said...

Kitchen timer, I'd say. Looks like the one I have at home. Nice painting! (Also love that one of Park Ave. you posted last week.) No need to apologize for being busy--just do what you need to do. Say hi to Duane!

Katherine Schaefer

Sharon Parker said...

a kitchen timer?

You are doing terrific, btw. I admire your dedication.