Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7th!

 Yes, look it is a KITTY!!!!!   What?  And another one!  Wow!  Don't tell my sister, but that's her X-mas present...  the black one there- it is her kitty Boots in the bathtub~  she lives in Cambridge, England and will be home for Christmas!  Yay!  Hmm, is there a British word for "bathtub"?

I had a great time at the Art & Soul Sale this weekend and actually got a couple commissions going and got this one of Boots done!  So much fun~  i do like doing these holiday sale thingies, especially since I end up trading stuff for presents for people so we don't even have to spend money!  LOVE the barter system!

And this here loungey kitty in front of the fire is Bailey~  such a sweet face-  Hopefully, her owners appreciate it as much as I do.  It is fun having a home studio, where my art is out and on view for whoever comes in, because I end up getting spontaneous critiques all the time which helps me clarify in my own head and heart what it is that I am doing.  I had several people respond
strongly to Bailey with affection-  I think it is her eyes and how she is clearly
looking to the viewer to pet her,  her front paw reaching out towards you...
Awww, our pets and how much we love them-  they DO teach us how to be better humans, don't they?

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