Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23. Backstroke Alaskan Style

I did actually paint more apples, but left them at school and will not be back for a few days so we'll have to enjoy a few otterly bits now and again...
I DID get up on Stilts again this afternoon!  In a fundraising kinda trailer for our school, we are spotlighting teachers who are pretty darn original, and so me and my big mouth contributed the fact that I've been known to stilt before, as a part of Chicks-on-Sticks. So of COURSE they decided they wanted me up on stilts to prove it-  do you know how nervous and anxious this made me?  Do you know how sweaty I was by the time I set all the mats on top of one another in the gym and helped the other two brave women who were meant to not get up so as to prove how amazing it is that I DID get up? I was soaked-  and I did get up, and it wasn't as scary as it coula been since Duane helped me get up last night...
Sometimes it is good to do those things that terrify you.  And sometimes it is nice to do them and then put the stilts away again.
Here is an otter, without stilts~
And with a lot of reflections and refracted water~
I like this one!
7x8 acrylic on hardboard panel, $110 click here to purchase!

And here I am on stilts!  Maybe 10 years ago?  I'm in Blue!

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