Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26, Shadows and Stripes

I was really thinking last night about why I am so drawn to these tigers, and I think it is related to my fears of death.  Several years ago the man I was dating was in a terrible accident and was in a coma for two weeks and then in recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury for the next year and a half, and I pulled a lot of my fears inside because I was helping him recover and he was alive so I should be grateful and not fearful right?  But I think the post traumatic stress from that incident is still with me today.  Back then I was having dreams of big black bears, and I painted them and painted them and it helped tremendously.

What I think I am experiencing now is a physical manifestation of some of my fears in the body of this tiger.  I am working through some of my anxiety about mortality by painting a creature that could kill and eat me.  It makes sense to me...

This one is bigger, and I love the darks coming through.  I think that's what is missing in yesterday's tiger...

16x20 acrylic on canvas, click HERE to purchase at $700~

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