Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19, MS Smithers!

Ha!  And here she is, direct from England, sitting in the sunshine as any proper feline should...  maybe Gil will send me more of a story that I can include here!
Gillian sent THIS! 

I was always going to have a cat called Smithers, because my surname is Burns and said cat would be my 'assistant' and love me dearly - just like in the Simpsons! My friend Thom's sister's cat was expecting so I reserved my kitten with excitement! I didn't mind if Smithers was a boy or a girl - and that is why she's a girl with a boyish name, but what the hey!! When the litter was a week old sadly their mum passed away and so Thom hand reared three tiny kittens and became their surrogate mum!
Smithers and her brother and sister, Akuma and Bella, thrived in Thoms care, and eventually she was old enough to bring to my home! She had the biggest ears (think mogwai) and tiny stumps for whiskers! (You can see she's made up for that now!!...)
When Smithers was only just a year old she had her own litter of five beautiful babies - Bruiser, Monty, Bongo & Tabla (twins) and Little Dude. We were worried that being hand reared herself as a kitten she would not know what to do with her own babies, but how wrong we were!! She was the most amazing mum and her kittens went on to new homes with new names - all except Monty who stayed with us...

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Diane Irvine Armitage said...

Looks just like my Luna! Another wonderful painting :-) I'm loving the month of March!